Period Rooms Conference review

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We had a very positive conference review report published on the Decorative Art and Design Group website Blog – See REVIEW



Period Rooms Conference Sandpit 4

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The final instalment from the Period Rooms conference Sandpits with a summary from Deconstructing/Reconstructing the Period Rooms at the Bowes Museum led by Jane Whittaker and Howard Coutts (The Bowes Museum)

Period Rooms Conference Sandpit 4

Period Rooms Conference Sandpit 3

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Another round-up from the Period Rooms conference sandpits – here are some of the themes that arose from the third sandpit The Dining Rooms at Hamilton Palace – a case study, led by Godfrey Evans (National Museums Scotland).

Period Rooms Conference Sandpit 3

Period Room Conference photographs

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Hello All,

as promised, here are some of the photos of Period Room conference delegates engrossed in the papers and discussion at the Bowes Museum.









We also had the privilege of seeing the operation of the famous Silver Swan at Bowes Museum – a rare occurrence at 7pm…in the dark of the picture gallery…it was an amazing sight (and sound)….Thank you to Jane and her team at Bowes for allowing this special display!


And, as part of the conference, we had an expert private tour of the new English Interiors Galleries at Bowes Museum, led by curators Jane Whittaker and Howard Coutts.










And here we ALL are (except me…I’m taking the photo!)…a ‘team’ shot of (just about) all of the conference delegates and speakers….Thanks all for making the conference such a success!



Period Rooms Conference Sandpit 2

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More from the Period Rooms conference sandpits – this time some of the ideas that came out of the second of the Period Rooms conference Sandpits led by Jonathan Gration from De Montefort University titled: Virtual Period Room

Period Rooms Conference Sandpit 2

Period Rooms Conference Sandpit 1

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Some of the ideas generated from the first of the Period Rooms conference Sandpits led by Deirdre Murphy and Lee Prosser from Historic Royal Palaces, titled: The King’s Presence Chamber, Kensington Palace – a 21st century reconsideration

Period Rooms Conference Sandpit 1

Round-ups from the other three sandpits to follow…

Jonathan’s post re Auckland Castle

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Hello Period Room/Historic Interior professionals, enthusiasts and critics!….our Period Room Conference preparation is coming along well….only about 7 weeks to go now….(so if you haven’t booked your place at the conference we’d recommend you do so asap!)….Jonathan Gration, one of the ‘Sandpit’ Speakers at the conference has very kindly sent us a link to his own blog…..which, as you’ll see here:

Digital Anastylosis

is a fascinating series of reflections on historic interiors.

We very much look forward to hearing about other blogs, blog entries, video clips and etc that are Period Room/Historic Interior related….do send links to us.

And of course we hope to see you at the Bowes Museum at the Period Room Conference in September.