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Period Room Project Presentation ‘Impact in 5’

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You may be interested to know that Howard Coutts (curator at The Bowes Museum) and I (Mark Westgarth, University of Leeds) did a little talk on the Period Room project/conference as part of the University of Leeds ‘Impact in 5’ presentations.

These are (quite challenging) short 5 minute presentations with 20 powerpoint slides – it’s based on the popular Pechakucha presentation method (20 slides, for 20 seconds each…so 6 minutes 40 secs….)…somehow I don’t feel cheated that we only got 5 minutes!

Anyway, here’s the result!

Period Room Project Impact in 5

I was going to say ‘enjoy’…but maybe that’s a bit ambitious!



Period Rooms Conference Sandpit 4

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The final instalment from the Period Rooms conference Sandpits with a summary from Deconstructing/Reconstructing the Period Rooms at the Bowes Museum led by Jane Whittaker and Howard Coutts (The Bowes Museum)

Period Rooms Conference Sandpit 4